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Spiritual Alert


― This is not Business as Usual ―
Knowing the Truth about God
Will Propel your Faith into the Future
Where Worship as Usual
No Longer Applies


A Stellar Connection

Connecting with Jesus activates stellar power. He transforms weak humans into shining stars so they will follow the Holy Spirit where their own strength cannot take them. Blazing at millions of degrees for billions of years, stars surpass every analogy for spiritual fire, heat, and light. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world” (literally of the cosmos). Artificial light may illuminate parts of the earth but you were designed to extend the light of Christ throughout the universe. This thermonuclear word picture illustrates the far-reaching and unquenchable influence of God’s people in action.

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Beyond Worship As Usual

The spiritual landscape is changing. It trembles with commotion because “the knowledge of the glory of the Lord” has begun to cover the earth. This knowledge redeems the past, transforms the present, and it will define the future.

As the truth about God gains global attention, worshipers must choose the direction in which they will bow. Those who know the truth will worship God. Those who exchange this truth for a lie will worship something or someone other than their Creator.

During times of unprecedented chaos and persecution, all worshipers will respond one way or another. Some will worship openly while others respond with reserve. Will true worshipers resort to stealth and solitude or burst into the open with the stellar enthusiasm of the heavenly hosts?

In the end, worshipers and warriors will gravitate toward strategic locations. Who will captivate the attention of their Heavenly Father? Where will they gather to meet His gaze? When will they generate the response that He deserves? What attitude and activity will convey worship in spirit and truth? Who, Where, When, and What?

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