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Michael Norberg

      About the Author

While recovering from a car accident, Michael developed three biblical outlines to enhance his relationship with God, specifically for renewed strength. He itemized why we need to connect with God for strength, how to connect for strength, and sources of strength. After drafting a preface, the notion of worship thrust him on an illuminating journey. With the precision of a clinical scientist, Michael compiled biblical references associated with worship and arranged them in categories. The unexpected results compelled him to abandon preconceived notions about God and false assumptions about worship.

Mike Norberg                             Tel Meggido, Israel

Born and raised in Chicago, Michael currently lives in Kansas City with his wife Suzanne. They enjoy a vibrant relationship with their children and grandchildren. Baptized as an infant in the Catholic Church and Confirmed in the Lutheran Church, he attended a Catholic High School, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry/Life Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology, and a Master of Divinity degree from Christian International School of Theology.

In addition to teaching at an independent Bible College for five years, Michael has taught research ethics for medical professionals and electron microscopy for engineering students. After serving 16 years as a Research Specialist for the University of Missouri in Rolla, Columbia, and Kansas City, he has invested more than 25 years in medical research at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. He serves as Research Program Manager at the Center for Infant Pulmonary Disorders where he promotes the discovery of medical solutions for premature babies and has co-authored more than 40 medical journal publications.

Hobbies include competitive swimming, photography, snow skiing, and scuba diving. He serves as a certified coach for USA Swimming and US Masters Swimming, and is a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame at Notre Dame High School, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Kansas City Corporate Challenge.